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Weft Making Course (Hand Tied Weft) £450

All of our courses come with a professional kit to get you started in the industry and are fully insured so you can expect the highest standard of training possible. Upon completion of one of our hair courses you will receive a certificate in your chosen subject.

Hand Tied Weft Making Course 

Hand-Tied hair is the result of a fascinating technique that only a skilled person trained in this art of hand-tying can accomplish. It involves gathering a small amount of hair and looping it between strong weaving threads. An over-under technique is used to pull the hair through the maze of thread, thus resulting in a tight, woven weft.

Course Content:  

Practical and Theoretical

Time: –1 Day (10.00am – 3.30 pm)

Price:  £450 (The price you see is the price you pay)

Portfolio: Hand tied Weft

Includes: Weft Making Kit

Entry Requirement: These courses are suitable for hairdressers and Media Make-up Students or Artist

One 2 One / Salon Training is available on request with £45 fuel charge

In the Weft making training course you will learn:

How to set up the weaving sticks

How to set the strings for making hand tied weft;

Preparing the bulk hair for hand tied weft

The basics of drawing bulk hair

How to Sealing & encasement

How to get the right weight;

After care & maintenance wefts

Training kit contents

100gram Bulk hair
Weaving Poles
Weaving thread

Sectioning Comb

Drawing Matt


Instruction Manuel

Base Setting            

Equipment Needed: All products and materials will be supplied on the day as part of the kit.

Certificates are posted 5 working days.

Drawing Matt

Hair Drawing Card

Weaving Pole

Weaving Sticks

Bulk Hair Extension

Bulk Hair

Weaving Thread

Weaving Thread


hair cutting scissor

Sectioning Clips

Sectioning Clips

Instruction Manual