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Brazilian Knot Extension 1 Day £280

Brazilian Knots Hair Extension

The extensions are applied strand by strand with a special thread technique. As the name implies, the hair extension method originates from Brazil.
This unique hair extension method is also known as Italian Knot technique or Elastic Fusion. This creates the versatility of a fusion technique without using potentially harmful substances on your hair such as keratin glue.

Time: 10am – 3.30pm

Entry Requirement: The course is for hairdressers wishing to update and refresh their skills in hair Extensions.

One 2 One Training is available on request with £45 fuel charge

This course is written to the National Occupational Standard (NOS)


The Benefits of getting Brazilian Knots Hair Extension:

  • Compared to the pinch braid technique this extension application is a very discreet method
    •The Strands are very light and therefore they do not pull on your hair as much as glue. They will last (depending on the growth of your hair) between 3 to 4 months
    •This technique causes less stress on your hair and is therefore more healthy for hair because it does not use any bonding material- simply elastic thread
    •This also makes the removing process easy, and if you are careful you can do it at home. You basically just snip off the elastic thread!
    •Brazilian knots create a very natural hair extension wear


In this course you will learn:

Section the natural hair for hair extension
How to colour match the Brazilian Knot hair extensions
How to do a consultation
Apply the Brazilian Knot extension
How to achieve highlights & lowlights
Blend the Brazilian Knot extensions
How to advise on client aftercare
Remove hair extensions correctly and safely
How to advise clients on maintenance appointments
Health and safety of hair extensions
How to get client referrals



100gm packet bulk Hair
Elastic Thread
Threading Disc
Sectioning Comb
Sectioning Clips
Hair Colour Ring
Kit Case

Items in the kit

Comb                      Crocodile Clips

image006     image008

Sectioning Clip   Colour Ring

image007              image007

Bulk hair Extension           Scissors

image008                      image009

Instruction Manual          Elastic Thread

image011             image011

Kit Case                              Certificate

kit-case         image003

Threading Disc             Razor Comb

threading-disc           razor-comb



Certificates are posted within 5 working days.

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