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Tape-on Extensions

Girlis tape-on method allows you to have long hair by using a very simple and gentle method. This method can be attached for a longer period of time and uses tape which has been specially developed for extensions. Simply remove the tape by using remover. This method suits most hair types but especially those with very thin hair as the special attachment area is very fine, similar to that of your scalp. With the tape method the hair can be re-used allowing you to recreate your long-hair look several times. Available in several colours and shades and is made of real hair which can be cut, styled and formed to the style that you want. Tape method comes in two varieties – either with the help of Girlis® silicon weft or Girlis® Quick & Easy. Girlis® Quick & Easy is a tape method with pre-prepared pieces of hair with tape affixed which can simply and easily be attached and removed. Quick & Easy can be used for a full hair extension or for special effect highlights. Girlis® Silicon weft is cut into pieces by you so that you can custom your extensions to fit your head shape exactly and suit your requirements. The curtain-formed shape of the silicon weft has fitted silicon PU weft ends. Put tape on the attachment surface area and attach to your hair.