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Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions is recognized for its prestigious reputation due to its texture and exotic looks
Our products are completely free from chemicals and not colour treated. The hair is cleaned naturally and offers a versatile, long-lasting option, whether you are looking for an everyday solution or something for more occasional wear. As you would expect, the Brazilian weave products behave as one would expect should you want to style, bleach or dye them. Extension products can be sewed on, glued on, or by weaving the extensions into your own hair. They can then be styled as normal, whether that be ‘permanent’ such as cutting and shaping around the face, or temporary, such as styling or straightening.

The time and care taken in producing our Brazilian hair ranges is of utmost importance to us, so we ensure that all our bundles are handpicked from healthy heads. Our ground-breaking processes mean that the cuticles on each individual hair will face the same way during the creation of the weaves, which in turn makes for shiny, healthy-looking, natural hair. We also sell complementary products and guides should you require them.

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