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Hand Tied Weft Accessories & Kits

Hand Tie Weft hair is the result of a fascinating technique, that only a skill person trained in this art of hand tying can accomplish. It involves gathering a small amount of hair and looping it between strong weaving threads.

Hand Tie Weft

Is manually weave into the weft by a human and custom attention is given to each individual weave. Whereas a machine weft is hair that is feed into a machine and weave tightly into the seam, this happens in a manner similar to that of the sewing machine.

An over-under technique is use to pull the hair through the maze of thread. Resulting in a tight, woven weft. Learn how to make hand tie wefts. Girlis offer best quality wefts and hair weft service or re – weft services from our Hand Tie Weft Course.

Hand Tied Weft Kits / Tools

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