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Braiding / Plaiting Workshop £30

Course Content:   Practical and Theoretical

Time: -1 Day (10.00am – 1.00 pm)

Price: £30 (The price you see is the price you pay)

Portfolio: Live Models/ Blocks

Includes: Braiding Kit provided for workshop

Location: Ask for your nearest centre or College

About Braiding / Plaiting and What You Will Learn:

Girlis Braiding and Plaiting Hair Workshop:

Hair braiding is a natural form of hair manipulation that results in interweave of hair strands by beading, braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, of hair patterns.

Our tutors have their fingers on the pulse of what is current and will teach you how to do basic plaits and combination plaiting as well!

Braiding Styles covered on this course:

»French Braiding

»Fishtail Braiding

»Braid Buns

»3 Strand Braids


The Braiding training course kit contain:

» Braiding hair extensions

» Mannequin head or training head

» Metal end precision tail comb

»12 Sectioning clips

» 4 sectioning crocodiles Clips

» Scissors

» Kit Case

» Instruction Manual

» Braiding certificate



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Braiding Accessories Provided for the Workshop

Braiding Hair       Training head

image007       image008


Crocodiles Clips     Sectioning clip 5

image011       image007

Scissors                   Metal  tail comb  

image011       Comb

Kit Case                    Braiding certificate      

image012        image003


Certificates are posted within 5 working days

We require colleges to book and reserve places at least 14 days in advance.

Reserve places easily by emailing or calling us for further enquires

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