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Micro Ring/Loop Extensions 1 Day £95

Micro Ring/Loop Extensions 1 Day £95

This course is aimed at existing hair students who want to increase their knowledge and skills in Micro Ring hair extensions. Through interactive demonstration and practical experience, students will learn the latest advanced techniques in Micro Ring Hair Extension. All of our courses are fully accredited and insured so you can expect the highest standard of training possible.

Time: 9am – 3.30pm

Entry Requirement: These courses are suitable for learners studying an NVQ/VRQ Level 2 hairdressing or equivalent or hairdressers wishing to update and refresh their skills in hair Extensions

We require minimum of 10 students for the training course

This course is wriiten to the National Occupational Standard

About Micro Ring

The Micro Ring technique is the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available. There is no glue, sewing or braid, its quick safe and pain free. The human hair is pulled through a micro ring and then squeezed shut using hair extension pliers.

 In this course you will learn:

-How to section the hair for the hair extensions.

-How to color match the micro ring strand hair extensions.

-How to do a consultation

-How to apply the micro ring strand hair extensions.

-How to achieve highlights and lowlights.

-How to blend the micro ring strand hair extensions.

-How to advice a client on aftercare.

-How to remove hair extensions correctly and safely.

-How to market your hair extension business.

-How to advice clients on maintenance and appointments.

-Health and safety of hair extensions.

-How to make money from your hair extensions.

-Models or blocks are provided training

The micro ring training course kit contain:

-Micro loop hair (50strands)

-Sets of Pliers

-Micro ring bead feeder

-Sectioning comb

-Sectioning clips (2pieces)

-Human hair Colour ring

-Instruction manual

-Kit Case


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Items in the kit

Prof Micro Ring Set


Human Colour Ring     Tail comb

image007              image006

Sectioning Clip 2        Scissors

image007                   image009

Micro Ring Hair      Instruction Manual       

image015           image016

Kit Case                 Section clips 2

image010          image008


We require colleges to book and reserve places at least 14 days in advance.

Reserve places easily by emailing or calling us for further enquires

Certificates are posted 5 working days.


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